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The significant leap in learning and training methods has enabled continuous improvements in learning systems and methodology. With the ubiquitous popularity and prevalence of eLearning, Education and Training related domains are aspiring towards deploying effective systems to impart high quality education along with periodic interaction between the teacher and the student. Learning Management Systems (LMS) […]

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In this era of responsive web pages and multiple output devices, EPUB enables content to reflow. ¬†Unlike formats like DOCX or PDF, you can read EPUB documents on different devices where the text always wraps to fit into the current screen size. The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) launched EPUB 3.0 in 2011. A minor […]

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Author: Krishnamurthy Traditionally, the term publishing referred to the printing and distribution of books and newspapers. With the arrival of the internet and various software systems, the scope of publishing has expanded to the digital media and is currently known by the term Digital Publishing. E-books, digital magazines, digital libraries and catalogues are various forms […]

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